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Leadership Mastermind Group

We are ready to support you on your leadership journey.

Stronger Tomorrow Wellness knows that when people are new to leadership roles, they need to develop new skills to effectively manage their teams, cultivate their communication and human relation skills, and do so while learning on the job rapidly.


Research shows that it takes approximately two years of guidance to develop and transform leadership.  


We have experience working with women leaders, like you, using a multidimensional wellness+DEI model to build a community of support, encouragement, and accountability.

The Mastermind Group brings women leaders together in groups of 6 for 4 weeks to delve into tactical and practical approaches that support your ability to thrive both professionally and personally.

1:1 Coaching with
Dr. Christine Thorpe

I have been working with clients since 2008 with a focus on professional women in leadership roles.


When I coach my clients, I focus on three points:

1. What is your vision for your life personally and professionally?

2. Assessing your wellness dimensions

3. Developing your personalized wellness strategic plan


What is the ultimate goal? To help you create a living legacy for your life that will be a blueprint for the next season of your life. If you have been working for years on building your career and wondering what this will all amount to (that okay, now what??? feeling), it's time to think bigger and farther down the road.


Wellness is the focus of my work with clients, and it involves much more than the physical and mental aspects of life. I believe that wellness is built on ever-evolving, multidimensional, lifelong experiences that branches into the lives of those around us.


The work I do is personalized to you and based on a time-tested wellness framework. I work one-on-one with clients for as short as 1 month to 3 months.


If what what we can do together piques your interest, and you are ready to do something different and change the cycle, I invite you to get started with me.

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