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Enterprising Families


Dr. Thorpe is sought after to moderate and speak on a range of wellness-related topics, including health and wealth in diverse families. She utilizes her research captured in her book, Living Beyond the Facade, and analysis of current scholarly literature to share practical approaches to building family wellness. 


Customized Coaching Program

Enterprising families with small and mid-size businesses face critical challenges that impact how wealth is transferred to the next generation. At the heart of these challenges are the Dimensions of Wellness that intersect and impact our relationships, who we are as individuals, and how we are interdependent upon each other.

Through our 12-week program, we work with enterprising families who have a strong desire to address their most pressing wellness needs. Using our proprietary ST assessment tool and program, we come alongside families to help them communicate, actively listen and build a stronger generational legacy.


Family Wellness Retreats

Since the lengthy quarantining of families during the pandemic, wellness has become increasingly important and there is a desire to change the meaning and value of quality time. ST will launch its signature Family Wellness Retreats that provide families the opportunity to engage in focused time together and delve into the power of authentic communication and active listening. 

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